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BodyWorks & Laser Clinic, LLC, a health and rehabilitative treatment center located on Cardinal Lane in Howard, is excited to announce the addition of Infrared Heat Therapy to their available wellness services.

If you are looking for a safe and beneficial way to reduce pain, detoxify your body, and relieve stress, all while relaxing, Infrared Heat Therapy is for you. During a session, you sit comfortably in the unit while the infrared light heats your body. The therapy lasts for 40 minutes and during this time, infrared light waves penetrate 2 to 3” raising your body’s core temperature, increasing soft tissue elasticity, stimulating blood flow, removing toxins, reducing stress, encouraging muscle relaxation, and relieving pain.

While there are many infrared saunas currently on the market, the medical-grade infrared unit utilized by BodyWorks & Laser Clinic is unlike other traditional saunas; it is the ONLY unit clinically backed and proven to raise core temperature, rather than simply heating the air around you. Traditional saunas warm the environment around you at extremely high emperatures, which can make the experience unbearably hot and difficult to breathe. This unit has been proven to be 99% effective, which is why it has been used and recommended by leading physicians and health experts, and backed by the American Heart Association. Hospitals apply the same infrared therapy in their Neonatal Intensive Care for the treatment of premature babies. It very safely permeates the body and emits virtually no electromagnetic radiation.

The therapy administers near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. These various wavelengths precisely target health goals by offering a wide range of benefits including: blood pressure reduction, cell health, skin rejuvenation, pain relief, detoxification, heart health, immune enhancement, muscle recovery, decreased inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, reduced anxiety and stress, weight loss, and improved circulation, just to name a few.

The infrared therapy treatment is also enhanced with Acoustic Resonance Therapy, which combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to the session. The treatment also includes Chromotherapy, casting a colored light based on your wellness needs. Our bodies need sunlight to live and that light can be broken down into a seven color spectrum. An imbalance of any of these colors can manifest itself into physical and mental symptoms. Color therapy is beneficial in correcting those imbalances.

Dedicated to providing a diverse grouping of safe and effective wellness solutions to assist patients with various health conditions, BodyWorks & Laser Clinic will be offering Infrared Heat Therapy sessions starting January, 2019. Although infrared therapy has been used for relief, recovery and rejuvenation for years, BodyWorks & Laser Clinic understands that most of their patients will be experiencing this therapy for the first time, which is why they are making it a priority to educate patients regarding this new therapy and providing it at an affordable cost. Patients can visit or call and inquire at (920) 234-5000.

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