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The next publication of the Community Bulletin will be our January 2023 issue. The deadline for submitting ads and articles will be Monday, December 26, 2022. The publication will be in the mail to 15,176 mailboxes in the Howard and Suamico area on Friday, December 30, 2022.

The Community Bulletin offers two forms of front page premium advertising.  A Top Leaderboard Ad is positioned at the top of the front page and a Bottom Billboard Ad positioned at the bottom of the front page. We do accept reservations for front page advertising for up to 12 months in advance.  Call or email for more details.

The specific dimensions and costs are:
Top Leaderboard   (10 3/8”w x 1 1/2”h)  $415.00
Bottom Billboard   (6 7/8”w x 2”h)  $335.00

Ad Size Dimensions Grayscale Full Color
Business Card 3.375″w x 2″h $55.00 $71.50
3.375″ Square 3.375″w x 3.375″h $74.93 $97.41
1/8 Page 5.125″w x 4″h $123.60 $160.68
1/4 Page 5.125″w x 8″h $235.20 $305.76
1/2 Page 10.375″w x 8″h $374.40 $486.72
3/4 Page 10.375″w x 12″h $547.20 $711.36
Full Page 10.375″w x 16″h $700.80 $911.04

For more information visit or contact Bob at or 920.655.8278.

The Community Bulletin is published 12 times per year. See our 2023 Production Calendar for details.

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