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The Brown County Highway Department signed a $9,581,485 contract to improve County Highway M/Lineville Road in the villages of Howard and Suamico. Construction started on Monday, March 25, 2024. This is a two-year project. The construction in 2024 is from Belmont Road to the railroad crossing west of Velp Avenue. 2025 construction will be from Velp Avenue to US 41. Michels Road & Stone located in Brownsville, WI is the prime contractor.

Project Improvements
This is a reconstruction project of CTH M/Lineville Road from Belmont Road to US 41 interchange. CTH M will be expanded to 4 lanes with a twelve-foot asphalt multi use trail located along the north side from Belmont Road to West Deerfield Road. The roundabouts will be reconstructed at Rockwell Lane, Cardinal Lane, Velp Avenue, at Festival Foods/mini-mall access and Cornell Road to accommodate the new four lane roadway.

Traffic Impacts
Phase 1 of the project will occur April to July, 2024 which will include Belmont Road to 300’ west of Cardinal Lane. Traffic within this area will be restricted to local traffic only with access to all properties.
• Access to the Lineville Intermediate School parking lot will be maintained from Belmont Road and Cardinal Lane (except as noted below), with no access (a full closure) to CTH M/Lineville Road.
• The north leg of Cardinal Lane, from just north of the Lineville/Cardinal roundabout to just south of Garden Lane will be closed after the 2023/24 school year.
• Access to the Bay Port High School parking lot will be from Belmont Road and Cardinal Lane during Stage 1; except during north leg of Cardinal Lane construction, where access from Cardinal Lane will be limited to only the points north of Garden Lane.

Phase 2 of the project will commence after the full completion of Phase 1 later this year. The second stage of the project this year will include the portion of Lineville Road from Cardinal Lane to the railroad crossing west of Velp Avenue. Traffic within this area will be restricted to local traffic only with access to all properties.
• The Cardinal Lane roundabout will be under construction and closed to thru traffic.
• CTH M/Lineville traffic will be restricted to a single westbound lane between Condor Lane and Velp Avenue, with local access maintained from adjacent side roads for any properties within the closed roadway section.

Project benefits
The new CTH M/Lineville Road project will relieve congestion and provide an expanded roadway to accommodate the traffic volumes as well as improve safety by updating the road to current design standards. Lineville Road serves as a gateway to the communities of Howard and Suamico and the businesses along this route. The pedestrian facility will provide a safe walkway for all users to access businesses and schools.

More information
Follow this link for up-to-date project information and the link for updates on X (formerly known as Twitter). Information related to the 2025 construction schedule and traffic impacts will be announced later.

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