The next publication of the Community Bulletin will be the September 2020 issue. The deadline for submitting ads and articles will be Monday, August 24th.

The September Community Bulletin should be received in the mail on Friday, August 28th.

The Community Bulletin is published 12 times per year. View our 2020 Calendar to view deadlines for all of the remaining months in 2020.

A black & white eighth page ad (5 1/8”w x 4”h) is $133.20. Full color ads cost just 30% more than a basic black & white ad.

The Community Bulletin offers advertising on the front page.  Two forms of front page advertising are available.  A Top Leaderboard Ad is positioned at the top of the page and a Bottom Billboard Ad positioned at the bottom of the page.  Both are printed in full color at no additional cost.

We do accept reservations for front page advertising for up to 12 months in advance.  Call or email for more details. The specific dimensions and costs are:
Top Leaderboard   (10 3/8”w x 1 1/2”h)  $335.50
Bottom Billboard   (6 7/8”w x 2”h)           $265.00

View our current Rate Card for additional information on sizes and prices.

Ads can be sent by e-mail as an Acrobat PDF file to Bob Strazishar, Community Bulletin editor. Please include “Community Bulletin Ad” in the subject line. Ads can also be mailed to:

Community Bulletin
PO Box 12797
Green Bay, WI 54307-2797

With special arrangements made in advance, ads can be received as late as Wednesday, August 26th if received by e-mail.

We also offer the distribution of your preprinted flyers for as little as 3.5¢ each. Call for details.