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You can always count on Wisconsin to provide interesting spring weather. But, regardless of the weather a holiday weekend is coming up which means it’s a perfect time to start cleaning out your homes and garages as well as prepping lawns for summer. Brown County Resource Recovery makes it easy to know what to throw and where, in order to keep your home tidy and the environment safe.

“It’s easy to get on a roll with spring cleaning and not think about where you’re going to dispose of things until you can’t fit it all in your recycling or garbage cart,” said Mark Walter, Business Development Manager for Brown County Resource Recovery. “And it really isn’t difficult if you take just a few moments to plan what you’re going to do and where the items you wish to dispose of should go.”

Clothes Closets. Often clothes closets are the first target in spring cleaning as you try to filter out the clothing and shoes you no longer wear or care for anymore. If they are in good condition, donate them to local shelters or thrift stores. For clothing items that need some mending, take a look at Resource Recovery’s Pinterest page for ideas on how to upcycle those items.

Deep Cleaning. If you’re tackling deep cleaning projects, they often involve household cleaners and chemicals. If you notice that some of your cleaners may be expired or unusable, bring them to the Hazardous Material Recovery (HMR) facility where they will be properly disposed of. “While it may seem easier to pour chemicals down the drain,” explained Walter, “That’s not the right thing to do. It can cause problems with your pipes and potentially harm the environment.”

Electronics & Batteries. There are always electronics and batteries around that no longer work. Take them to the HMR facility for disposal. Improper disposal of these devices may actually cause fires in your home or at recycling centers.

Furniture & Appliances. Do you have furniture or appliances that are ready to be retired? If furniture can’t be donated because it’s old or broken, it can be taken to the Waste Transfer Station (WTS). You can also dispose of freon and non-freon appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers or microwaves at the WTS.

The Garage. As you make your way to the garage this spring, don’t forget to check for paints, gasoline, motor oils and pool chemicals that shouldn’t be tossed in the garbage. These should be properly disposed of at the HMR facility. And while the Transfer Station accepts a lot of different materials, some items such as concrete, stumps and wood waste that may be left over from a previous home improvement project, need to be brought to the Brown County South Landfill.

Yard Waste. Finally, when you’re out in the yard, remember that yard waste, branches and grass clippings can be disposed of at your community’s yard waste center and not in the garbage. Check the Waste Wizard for a yard waste center in your community.

While you’re doing spring cleaning, it’s inevitable that you’ll have questions about what to do with something. It’s easy to find answers; just visit the Tri-County Recycling’s Waste Wizard to know what to throw and where in Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago counties. Spring cleaning isn’t just about refreshing your home, it’s about making our community clean too with Resource Recovery!

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