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In today’s competitive work environment, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs. One crucial element that often goes overlooked is employee health and wellness. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce, Employment Health Services offers a range of comprehensive services to support workplace health and safety.

Dr. Dennis King

“Our mission is to help businesses promote a culture of health and safety,” says Dr. Dennis King, owner of Employment Health Services. “By providing top-notch occupational healthcare, we offer everything from injury prevention and pre-placement health exams to injury care, reducing your total healthcare costs and absenteeism rates.”

Employment Health Services provides a variety of services to assist workplace health and safety, including DOT/non-dot physicals, fit-for-duty screens, workplace injury rehabilitation, return-to-work facilitation, injury prevention, walk-in drug and alcohol screens, Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp lab tests, allergy tests, food sensitivity screens, strength tests, hearing and vision screens, respirator fit tests, supplemental/nutritional guidance, and ergonomic education.

Recent studies have shown that businesses that prioritize occupational health and wellness have higher levels of productivity, lower rates of absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, and a more positive workplace culture. By partnering with Employment Health Services, businesses create a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace for everyone.

Employment Health Services has been successfully partnering with businesses both on and off-site for over 10 years. If you’re a business owner looking to prioritize employee health and safety, consider partnering with our team today.

Employment Health Services is located at 721 Cardinal Lane Suite 100 in Howard. Visit or call (920) 434-2441 to find out more.

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