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This year, 45 new families joined St. John the Baptist School, and over the previous six years, enrollment has grown by more than 100 students. This year, the school serves 345 students in 3-year-old preschool through eighth grade and is partnering with over 200 families. This growth embodies their commitment to providing a different educational option for families. St. John the Baptist School provides a challenging and robust academic program that teaches critical thinking and students outperform most local and national test scores. The school provides a structured environment rooted in traditional morals and values, giving families opportunities to connect and be part of a Christian community. Uniquely, it provides a Catholic environment where faith illuminates learning, and prayer is part of daily life.

The holidays are an exciting time in school, and St. John the Baptist School is blessed to have many exciting experiences for children. Children are taking part in service experiences, sharing in prayer, enjoying visits by guest speakers, and are taking field trips. These experiences and many more help shape our students through hands-on, meaningful interactions that promote learning through lasting memories and friendships.

St. John the Baptist School provides families with a different choice in education. A choice that is deeply rooted in the Catholic Christian faith, academically rich, and supported by a community. The school offers a stable curriculum; robust art, music, and athletic programs; and authentic experiences to prepare students for future success in academics, Christian faith, and relationships. Enrollment for next year will begin at the end of January. If you are interested in seeing what St. John the Baptist School has to offer your family, please contact the school office at 920-434-3822 to schedule a tour. St. John the Baptist School is located at 2561 Glendale Avenue in Howard.

First graders at St. John the Baptist School in Howard recently ended their first writing unit with a celebration and added their published stories to the classroom library for other classmates to read.

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