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submitted by Mark Walter, Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Business Manager

With a new year comes renewed energy to do more. Brown County Resource Recovery is here to help our community members handle recycling and waste better in 2023. With just five simple habits, you can be on your way to going green for many years to come.

1. Put it in your pocket: There will be moments when you may not know how to dispose of something. That’s where the Betterbin app comes in. It’s a great mobile app that can instantly tell you where and how to dispose of materials in Brown County. Simply scan the barcode and you’ll know what to do with it. Plus, it’s free! You can also visit Tri-County Recycling’s Waste Wizard online to see what items should go where.

2. Make it easy: Having the right receptacles handy is a great way to stay on top of placing items in the right bins. Label your trash and recycling bins at home or in the office. Also, have a list of the different Resource Recovery locations on hand to know where to drop-off materials.

3. Be an advocate: Help your neighbors, friends and family do better with their waste and recycling efforts. Let them know about the different resources Resource Recovery offers to dispose of their items and why it’s important for everyone to #recycleright.

4. Follow the information: Make sure you follow Resource Recovery on Facebook, Twitter and even our Pinterest page to stay on top of changes or new resources that are available to our community.

5. Say “No” to single use: Help reduce the unnecessary buildup of single use products in our landfills by opting out. Instead, use reusable containers and cups, consider digital receipts and request paperless billing.

Taking charge of your recycling and waste habits isn’t supposed to be a chore. It can be simple when you have Brown County Resource Recovery by your side. If you have any doubts on what you should do with your materials, Resource Recovery’s team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance. Visit for more information.

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