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Packerland Websites has welcomed website developer Adam Jeanquart to its team. Jeanquart, of Luxemburg, interned with the company in 2020 and now rejoined the team as a full-time website developer. The Northeast Wisconsin Technical College graduate earned associate degrees in Software Development and Website Development.

“Adam is a great addition to the Packerland Websites team,” said Bill Koehne, owner of Packerland Websites. “He showed a lot of potential during his internship and now has the opportunity to build a career as a top-notch website developer. We’re happy to offer our clients the talents of Adam and his teammates.”

Before launching his tech career, Jeanquart worked as a baker in Luxemburg, Wisconsin. As a website developer, he enjoys working with clients to make exquisitely designed websites, comparable to well-iced cakes. When he develops a website, he has the clients and the clients’ audience in mind.

“I try to look holistically at what clients like and work with them as much as I can to satisfy their needs,” he said.
Packerland Websites provides real-world internships to budding website developers like Jeanquart.
To learn more about internships or website in general, contact Packerland Websites at (920) 826-5901.

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