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Making a difference in our community is the Fusion Foundation, a new non-profit organization founded by Rana Poley, owner and artistic director of NEW Fusion Dance and Performing Arts. “I wanted to build something that would draw a farther reach to children in our area, those that may not otherwise have had the resources to be able to dance,” states Poley. The purpose of the Fusion Foundation is to bring dance opportunities to kids and adults with special needs, as well as provide dance scholarship opportunities to families experiencing a financial hardship.

In December of 2018, Director of Development and Instructor for the Fusion Foundation, Lindsey Katsetos, and Instructor Kristin Melotte attended the Rhythm Works Adaptive Dance Teacher Training and Certification in Chicago. This training will enhance their skill sets to bring a more specialized experience to differently-abled dancers in their classrooms.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a clinically based hip-hop dance program that utilizes sensory processing, kinesiology, and behavioral analysis as a foundation to build customizable classes for the students. “The purpose of such a comprehensive program is to provide our certified teachers with the tools and education necessary to effectively make a difference in their student’s lives,” said Tricia Gomez, Global Director of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance. “Emerging research is showing that movement, music, and rhythm, when combined, light up the brain in ways that create new neuropathways. Dance is a powerful modality that offers an opportunity to build social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Plus it’s tons of fun!”
“This training was incredible. The program is so well thought out; the connection between specific movement and how it relates to kids and adults with special needs was fascinating to learn about. The take-away from this training went so much deeper than dance steps. I left it feeling like not only will this new knowledge enhance our programming for the Fusion Foundation, but it will make me a better teacher in general,” says Katsetos.
The Fusion Foundation offered its’ first Rhythm Works Class to the community on December 15th at their annual Special Holiday Dance Clinic hosted at NEW Fusion Dance and Performing Arts. A second Special Dance Clinic will be held in March 2019 in collaboration with the CP Center for their annual telethon, and regular Rhythm Works classes will be offered beginning in summer of 2019.

The Fusion Foundation is excited to bring additional dance opportunities to children and adults with special needs in the greater Green Bay area and hopes to have an incredible impact on the lives of many. For more information on the Fusion Foundation, or to see how you can help make a difference, please visit their website at, and follow them on facebook to stay up to date with all of their class offerings.


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