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Pirate Fast Pitch is a youth softball club which enrolls players from Howard-Suamico School district.  The softball club’s mission is not only create advanced softball players but to create future leaders in our community.

One way of becoming a future leader is for one to give back to their community.  The softball teams will be serving and prepping meals for the NEW Shelter thoughout the year

The Pirate Softball club is scheduled to appear on the WBAY TV 2 CP Telethon on Saturday, March 3rd.  The club’s goal is to raise $10,000 for the CP Center in Allouez.

Pirate FastPitch will also be begining a fund drive to raise funds to build a state of the art indoor training center.  The goal is to provide a venue for our girls to practice year round and have leadership trainers and speakers come to inspire our youth girls about leading not only on the diamond but in the our communities.

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