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Photo caption: Jayme Shefchick (center), Bay View math teacher, is pictured with (left to right) Damian LaCroix, HSSD Superintendent; Nicole Smith, HSEF Executive Director; Elisia Lewis, HSSD Director of Human Resources; Steve Meyers, Bay View Principal; Mike Schmidt, HSSD CARE Award Sponsor BayCare; and Greg Klimek, HSSD Board of Education Vice-President. Photo: Corey Wilson. 

The Howard-Suamico Education Foundation (HSEF) and Howard-Suamico School District (HSSD) are proud to announce the inaugural HSSD CARE Awards.

Below are the first-ever HSSD CARE Award winners. They were recognized during surprise visits to each school.
• Gary Caelwaerts, Bay Port Custodian
• Alexis Foley, Suamico School Counselor
• Maggie Jolly, District Office Administrative Assistant
• Melissa Martinson, Meadowbrook Secretary
• Kristen Possley, Bay Harbor Special Education Teacher
• Rick Seiler, Forest Glen Custodian
• Jayme Shefchik, Bay View Math Teacher
• Jenny Woldt, Lineville Special Education Teacher
• Suzanne Zimmerman, Howard School Counselor

One employee at each building was recognized for demonstrating positive characteristics that contribute to the HSSD caring learning community. These awards were determined through an anonymous peer voting process at each HSSD building.
Voting was based on how employees exhibit joy in their roles and a love for public education, foster healthy relationships with others, contribute to a positive school climate, and value every contribution with respect and honor.

Each HSSD CARE Award winner received the following, thanks to the partnership between HSEF and the sponsors:
• $1,250 stipend for the HSSD CARE Award winner
• $750 grant for the CARE Award winner’s school
• $500 to the HSEF Endowment Fund

HSSD CARE Award Sponsors:
• The Horton Group
• Savoye Salon Spa
• BayCare Clinic
• Engage Orthodontics
• Witt Auto Crivitz & Witt Family Ford Pulaski
• Elevate97
• Duet Resource Group & KI
• EUA & Miron Construction
• Cisco & Heartland Business Systems

Friends of HSSD CARE Awards:
• American National Bank
• MyTalentPlanner, Inc.

About HSSD CARE Awards
CARE stands for Congratulate, Appreciate, Recognize, Esteem. It is HSSD’s belief that each person serving the district – from classrooms to lunch rooms, front offices, gymnasiums and beyond – makes a direct impact on the children and future of this community.
Their work impacts many and the winners were recognized for their direct impact on students and the future of the community.
Visit the HSSD website to learn more and to view a photo slideshow of the HSSD CARE Award winners:

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