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February is American Heart Month! Clinical studies show that Sunlighten’s Far/Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna helps to prevent heart disease-by lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, reducing belly fat, and regulating your whole system to support a healthy heart. Throughout February, BodyWorks & Laser Clinic is bringing awareness to heart-healthy living and paying it forward for healthy hearts by discounting special Infrared services, holding weekly drawings for gifts and collecting cash donations to support the Green Bay American Heart Association.

The majority of cardiovascular disease is caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified. The American Heart Association recommends the medical-grade infrared unit utilized by BodyWorks & Laser Clinic, because it is the only sauna on the market clinically backed and shown to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, enhance blood flow and minimize inflammation. Studies prove repeated use of Infrared Heat Therapy can significantly reduce the risk factors associated with a heart attack by dilating blood vessels and decreasing the volume of their inner lining, thus improving heart health by increasing circulation to promote healthy blood pressure.

BodyWorks & Laser Clinic, LLC, a health and rehabilitative treatment center located on Cardinal Lane in Howard, is dedicated to providing a diverse grouping of safe and effective wellness solutions to assist patients with various health conditions. If you are looking to implement a safe and beneficial way to strengthen your heart health, Infrared Heat Therapy is a simple and relaxing 30 to 40-minute Full Spectrum sauna treatment. During the month of February, bring a guest to join your Infrared Heat Therapy session for a simple cash donation of your choice to the Green Bay American Heart Association. For more information on the many health benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy visit or call (920) 234-5000 to schedule an appointment.

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