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Kimps Ace Hardware, located at 2548 Glendale Avenue in Howard, a true multi-generational family business, is growing. Kimps Hardware was first established in 1940 by Bernard Kimps and his wife, Luella. Then their son, Gary Kimps along with his wife Sally purchased the business in 1974.

Their son Craig, joined the business in 1982 working for his parents. Craig Kimps along with his wife Laurie purchased the business in 2010 continuing the family business for the third generation.

Now fast-forward to 2021, and in November, Kimps purchased Paulson Hardware in Ashwaubenon from Eric and Pam Paulson. Paulson Hardware, established in 1955 served their local community much like Kimps Hardware did for so many years. The Paulson’s along with their daughter Jessica will continue working making this a merger of two great hardware families.
And now this past December, The Kimps finalized the purchase of the Ace Hardware on Ridge Road in Ashwaubenon. They will be combining Paulson Hardware and the Ace Hardware location on Ridge Road into one location. They are working to do this as quickly as possible without causing an inconvenience to their customers. But keep in mind with recent supply chain issues the renovation will not be complete until spring of 2022. The Kimps want everyone to feel welcome through the renovation process.

Their goal is to “Kimpsify”— as one of their employees stated — the new store. The Kimps family wants to bring a one stop shop to Ashwaubenon by adding home décor, a greenhouse, power equipment, and expanding the grilling, paint, and rental departments of the store. They want to make sure to do so as they keep the same hometown feel that the Paulsons had brought to Ashwaubenon for so many years.

Employee retention has been great through the process. Everyone has been excited to see the expanded store. Family members recently joining the business are Clint’s wife Alexis and their daughter’s boyfriend Ben. You can however see the 5th generation Cooper, Camden and Covie (ages 8, 7 and 14 months) around the store helping put out product or even mopping floors.
Craig and Laurie Kimps along with their children Wes and Clint are looking forward to keeping the business in the family.

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