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BodyWorks & Laser Clinic wants to help those suffering from the effects of Lyme Disease. This bacterial infection transmitted from the bite of an infected tick can cause fever, headache, fatigue, extreme pain, gastrointestinal distress, muscle weakness and numbness. If left untreated, it may attack tissues, the heart, and nervous system, and trigger an immune response that can lead to permanent health damage including Lyme arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Adding BodyWorks & Laser Clinic’s Infrared Heat Therapy and/or CryoTherapy to your treatment regimen can play a huge part in the healing process and alleviation of the symptoms associated with Lyme Disease.

Boost immune health with infrared heat therapy
In addition to antibiotics for Lyme Disease, researchers believe that increasing body temperature may be beneficial to detoxify heavy metals. Detoxification is important because heavy metals and chemicals deplete your immune system, infrared helps eradicate these metals, strengthening the body’s overall immunity defense, and increasing the healing process. Increase body temperature also increases circulation, invigorating the body and allowing the medication (if still being prescribed) to reach all areas of the body, even tissues, where high concentrations of antibiotics are difficult to achieve. Infrared also relaxes the muscles and joints, proving much-needed relief from chronic pain.

Reduce Lyme driven inflammation with CryoTherapy
Inflammation is the body’s response to fighting off offending viruses and bacteria. If Lyme goes undiagnosed, the body attempts to eliminate the bacteria by activating an inflammatory response, which leads to inflammation throughout the whole body, including joints, muscles and all soft tissue. If the immune system cannot remove the Lyme bacteria, the infection will remain along with the systemic inflammation. This long-term chronic inflammation leads to serious side effects including brain fog, neurological complications, pain and stiffness. Whole body cryotherapy can be used to suppress this Lyme-related inflammation, providing significant reductions in pain, joint stiffness, immobility and brain fog.

Even if Lyme Disease symptoms ease, the bacteria can remain dormant in your body for years, only to resurface in times of stress or immune system compromise. By utilizing Infrared Heat Therapy and CryoTherapy you can strengthen your immune system and alleviate the onset of symptoms.

BodyWorks & Laser Clinic is dedicated to providing a diverse grouping of safe and effective wellness solutions to assist patients with various health conditions. Experience whole body health through treatment alternatives like whole body and local cryotherapy, infrared laser therapy, and therapeutic rehabilitation, at an affordable cost, and promote natural healing and recovery.
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