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Howard Chiropractic Clinic is excited to announce the addition of the Erchonia FX 635 to their multiple laser treatment options for pain management and rehabilitative services. The FX 635 provides patients experiencing chronic low back pain, plantar fasciitis, post-operative pain, neck pain, as well as shoulder pain with a new non-invasive treatment option.

How does the FZ 635 Laser work?
The FX 635 Laser uses low-level technology that causes bio-stimulation, increasing levels of oxygen, and providing more energy at the cellular level. The increase in cellular metabolism reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, restores cell strength and allows tissues to heal at an accelerated rate. Results from multiple clinic trials have shown the effect of the FX 635 Laser far exceeds that of opioids and NSAIDS, without the potential of addiction, or other adverse side effects.

FDA approved, clinically proven for the treatment of pain
The healthcare team at Howard Chiropractic Clinic is devoted to the long-term health of their local community, which is why they are always investing in the most advanced, safe, and effective healing modalities available. To learn more about how the FX 635 Laser can be the perfect addition to your chiropractic care rehabilitation call Howard Chiropractic Clinic at (920) 434-2221.

Howard Chiropractic Clinic has been dedicated to providing advanced wellness care locally for more than 30-years, for the treatment of a number of complaints such as headaches, neck and back pain, sports injuries, work and auto injuries, and chronic soft tissue complaints. Howard Chiropractic Clinic is located at 721 Cardinal Lane Suite 100 in Howard.

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