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There is a shortage of coins circulating nationwide and it is especially affecting local retailers who accept and give change in cash. In response to the need, North Shore Bank today announced it will offer free coin counting and exchange to cash dollars to anyone in the community willing to assist.

According to North Shore Bank, a reduction in coin production and circulation related to the ongoing pandemic is resulting in local banks receiving only a limited amount of the rolls requested and needed to serve customers. The shortage is affecting many retailers locally, as well as nationwide, who are having to alter their business operations accordingly.

“Coin counting for paper currency is always free for our customers, but we are opening it up as a free service to non-customers to try to help increase coin circulation,” said Sue Doyle, senior vice president of retail banking at North Shore Bank. “The pandemic has changed so much, including things we have always relied upon like a healthy circulation of coins. This offer allows us to assist both individuals who would like to turn in their coins and local businesses in dire need of getting more coins into circulation for their use in transactions.”

Now through the end of August, those community members and bank customers interested in having their coins counted and exchanged can visit any North Shore Bank branch. All North Shore Bank lobbies and branches are currently open.
The free service will be provided in the branch and no appointment is necessary. While this is not complimentary for commercial businesses, they will benefit from the replenishing of coins in to circulation.

\To help answer any questions, contact North Shore Bank at (920) 662-9640 or visit them at 1838 Cardinal Lane in Suamico.

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