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Built in 1895, the Suamico United Methodist church has stood proudly on the corner of Lakeview Drive and Riverside Drives for many years.

John Bruce was the first postmaster of Suamico and arrived to the area in 1857. He donated the land on which the church was originally built. Having been built long before much of the development of Suamico and before paved roads, when Suamico was just a small fishing village, it stands strong and full of many memories from the generations. ME Tremble donated lumber and money to build the church and the church has served the spiritual needs of many families in the Suamico community.

For a while, the church had a bus which was donated by a local mink rancher, Larry Moore, and it would pick up families from around the community so that they could attend Sunday worship. Originally, the church faced Riverside Drive and also had a home for the pastor and a small barn. The church was moved a short distance to the present site in the 1952 when a basement and the front porch was added to the building.

A new, modern sanctuary has been built to replace the old white country church, but the building still stands at the crossroads and is a landmark for many. The future of the old church has not been decided. The pews have been repurposed and we have a wide-open space in which to work. We welcome input from the community. If you have ideas you would like us to consider, please send them to Amy Hess at, or by phone at (920) 434-8065.

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