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Packerland Websites celebrated its 10-year anniversary in February. What started as a single owner/operator at a home in Abrams grew into a thriving website development company with six employees and an office at 2140 Velp Avenue in Howard.
Owner Bill Koehne credits walleye fishing and a whim as the sparks that started it all.

“I was walking through Best Buy and picked up ‘How to Build a Website in Minutes.’ The package included everything I needed to get started,” Koehne said. Although the first website, Fishing with Bill, took longer than a few minutes, he was hooked. It was 1999, and a walleye fishing website was an innovative marketing tool.
“As a pro walleye angler, I wanted a way to stand out with my sponsors,” he said.

Koehne continued developing websites while co-owning and managing a manufacturing and construction company. When the economy changed, he adapted his business skills to digital marketing.

Packerland Websites officially opened in February 2011 and hired its first employee in January 2016. Since then, Packerland Websites has grown to a team of five WordPress website developers and a content writer. The team specializes in website design and search engine optimization (SEO).

“Our motto is ‘Your success is our success,’ and our goal is to provide a solid return on investment and successful web results for our business, municipal and nonprofit partners,” Koehne said.
To learn more about website design or SEO, visit or call (920) 826-5901.

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