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A pair of business professionals have teamed up to create a company focused on money management.  Ben Sabourin and Nick Vance, of Green Bay, have developed BN Focus, a company devoted to bringing personal finances into focus.

“We are trying to empower people with more knowledge, resources and understanding on how to become debt free and stay debt free in their lives,” Vance said.

The Money Mastery Life system, introduced by BN Focus, helps individuals control their money, rather than having money control them.

“We’ve created courses to teach important budgeting principles and debt payoff principles. More importantly, we’ve created web-based resources and tools that will help people track their spending, create their budget and set up a plan to pay off their debt,” Vance said.

In-depth video training and web-based calculator tools offer the keys to budgeting and debt mastery. Individuals learn how to control spending, accelerate debt repayment, and pay off a mortgage in half the time while saving thousands of dollars in interest.

As a small business entrepreneur, Vance has seven years of experience in executive leadership and business ownership.
Vance is currently the CEO of NVR Branding, in Howard, a company specializing in successful branding strategies for businesses.

Sabourin has 30 years of business experience, including 15 years in customer service and accounts receivable. As a volunteer with Junior Chamber International, Sabourin led business training sessions throughout the U.S. and in seven European countries.
Both owners have a thorough understanding of the principles and strategies necessary to control spending, budget wisely, and repay debts quickly.

For more information about BN Focus and Money Mastery Life, visit

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