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Bryan and Kyle Schwebke have long been engrained in movement, anatomy, physical activity, and ultimately physical therapy. In the past, both brothers have worked with professional athletes in a variety of sports, as well as Olympians, and high-level college athletes.
Regardless of who they have worked with along the way, they have always placed great focus on creating a personalized plan for each individual, which can be more effective than just joining a gym and hitting the weights.

In 2016, the idea to create their own business was born. Their mission? To positively affect the athletic community and active adults through education, prevention and guidance to enhance performance and quality of life. To make this a reality, their offerings differ slightly from your traditional physical care or mainstream gym.

Paramount Performance offers specialized treatments to treat and meet whatever the needs of their patients are outside of what insurance companies dictate. With their Shield Coverage membership program, clients are guaranteed 24/7 access to a Paramount physical therapist should an injury or need for pain management arise. The piece of mind that is gained from having your own personal therapist on call is priceless.

But their work doesn’t stop there. At their new location in Suamico, Paramount Peformance also  offers personal training and group classes. Their movement training bridges the gap between physical therapy and personal training with an emphasis on safe progression to optimize your movement and performance. With the musculoskeletal expertise of a physical therapist, Paramount is able to provide superior training to athletes and individuals of all skill and activity levels.

Paramount Performance is located at 1749 Riverside Drive in Suamico. For more information on Paramount Performance, visit them on their website at or call them at (920) 770-3303.

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