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Caption: The training team at Practical Obedience include, from left to right, Ally Piontek, Connie Maedke, Shana Kleckner and Kailey Giese. The trainers take puppies on field trips to local dog-friendly businesses for socialization and training practice.

Practical Obedience Custom Dog Training, a trusted name in canine education, is thrilled to be celebrating its 10th year in business while reflecting on a significant move to a larger and more accommodating facility in Suamico located at 2784 Deerfield Avenue East Suite 3. Practical Obedience has proudly commemorated this milestone by hosting an open house celebration event at its new Suamico location.

Over the past decade, Practical Obedience Custom Dog Training, led by Owner Maggie Hansen, a multi-credentialed behavior consultant, has been a beacon of support for local families and their beloved four-legged companions. Since its inception in November of 2013, the company has thrived by providing comprehensive training experiences tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Now located at the Harbor Lights Business Center, the new facility is equipped with multiple training studios and a welcoming main entrance, offering clients enhanced convenience. This move emphasizes Practical Obedience’s unwavering commitment to growth, allowing them to serve more families and their pets.

Practical Obedience’s renowned Puppy Day School Program, one of their most unique offerings, continues to be a cornerstone of their services. Recognizing the importance of the formative early months in a puppy’s life, this program provides a structured environment for socialization, basic training, behavior problem prevention, and essential life skills preparation. In addition to puppy training, Practical Obedience offers a wide range of training programs suitable for all dog breeds, ages, and problem types.

The new Suamico location opens up new possibilities for Practical Obedience, allowing them to expand their offerings and reach more families seeking positive, science-based dog training.

The company and its dedicated team are excited to continue their mission of fostering strong, healthy relationships between dogs and their owners.

In conjunction with their move to Suamico, Practical Obedience is delighted to celebrate their 10th year in business. To mark this momentous occasion, they hosted an open house celebration event at their new facility.

The open house was a great opportunity for the Practical Obedience team, new and old clients, and the public to get together, share stories, and learn more about their exceptional services.

For further information about Practical Obedience’s services or philosophy, please visit them online at or contact the team at 920-471-4145.

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