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Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center, Inc. recently had a historic promotion testing, promoting 100 students to new belt ranks.

• 9 Promoted to First Degree Black Belt — Nathan Hotchkiss, Elliot Doolan Roskom, Bella Bolek, Jayden Yang, Brady Anderson, Jenni Wilkinson, Jacob Tarlton, Ryan Dynek and Jeffery Jelen Jr.
• 2 Promoted to Second Degree — Zach Haag & Joshua Dehnel
• 1 Promoted to Third Degree — Sarah Dehnel
• 2 Promoted to Masters Fourth Degree — Cathy Hedge and Sherry Czarapata
• 1 Promoted to High Masters Sixth Degree — Master Mike Champeau
• 75 more students promoted to color belts.

It takes dedication and commitment not only from students but also from the instructors and coaches in preparing students to test. Master Mike Champeau deserves special recognition not only for achieving his 6th Degree Black Belt but for his leadership and 40 plus years of training, coaching and teaching.

For the past 46 years rank promotion tests have been overseen by Grand Master Yung Sam who established the school in 1973. For more information on the school and how to sign up for classes go to

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