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Down To Earth Nutrition located at 2331 Velp Avenue at the corner of Glendale Avenue and Velp Avenue now has a new look and feel after their recent remodeling. Bernadette Goodine, Naturopath and Clinical Microscopist is the owner of this cornerstone nutrition and supplementation business for the past seventeen years and prides herself on offering a local health alternative for natural choices to the public.

Down To Earth offers genetic nutrition education, a highly educated staff, high quality microbial and toxin-free supplements. There are also supplements to assist with cholesterol, blood pressure, fatigue, inflammation, hormonal balance support and popular chemical-free bath and body products. Plus, don’t forget your pet! Down To Earth now has a pet behavior and pet food specialist that can guide you with recommendations on all of you health concerns regarding your pet. The pet foods and treats are free of preservatives, certain grains, and all chemicals. All pet foods are made in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. There is also a grocery area that carries bulk organic nuts and seeds, bulk spices, wheat-free/gluten-free breads, local organic meats from Waseda Farms, local Stevia, greens from Twin Elm Gardens of Pulaski, cheeses, milk and safe chemical-free cleaning products. Free seminars are also offered to the public for human issues as well as pet problems and concerns.

Teaching genetic nutrition is the key to health. We are what we eat. Taking it a step further and knowing your body chemistry and what foods will make your engine perform to the best of its ability is truly the answer. Down To Earth takes it a step further by teaching the public about food chemistry and body chemistry and how they can work together to aid in improving health or to even assist in fighting distress in the body. Mother Nature has excellent remedies to help the body maintain or improve its health. The human body responds in a positive direction when given the correct natural product. Many loyal customers of Down To Earth have improved their health by using natural remedies. Customers have even dropped off their lab results to show their improvement in 30 and 60 days after starting a program of using both natural methods of genetic nutrition and proper supplementation!

A proactive approach to health instead of a re-active approach seems to be the key in keeping our customers happy, healthy and satisfied. The staff at Down To Earth invites the community to stop in and view all they have to offer.

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