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Author Michael Marlow’s new book “The Littlest Tree” is the whimsical tale of a small tree that, with some help, grows more quickly than expected.

Recent release “The Littlest Tree” from Newman Springs Publishing author Michael Marlow is the heartwarming story of a sapling that is planted in place of a fallen older tree.

Michael Marlow, a recent retiree who has traveled the world through the military and business, has completed his new book “The Littlest Tree”: a playful tale that is beautifully illustrated by Pat Boxell, and delivers a message for readers of all ages.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Michael Marlow’s inspiring tale tells of the smallest tree in Grandpa Mike and Grandma Karen’s front lawn. With help from the neighboring trees and critters of the property, the tree grows large enough to be part of holiday festivities.

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