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NVR Branding, a company that implements successful branding strategies for businesses, has moved to a new location in Howard. NVR Branding is now open at 1681 Brookfield Avenue, in the business park off Lineville Road.
CEO Nick Vance opened NVR Branding in 2015, working from his home in Suamico. As his client base expanded, he outgrew his home office and in the spring moved to the more spacious Brookfield Avenue location.
The doors of NVR Branding are open for people to stop by, meet Nick and his staff and learn more about the quality products and relationship-based services of NVR Branding.

“I really like to get to know people to see how we can help them grow,” Vance said. Vance has lived in the Howard Suamico area for the past five years. He and his wife, Becky, have six children.

NVR branding offers a wide range of branding services for companies, including social media marketing, commercial printing, whiteboard video production and promotional materials like T-shirts, hats and other give-away items. NVR Branding works with new and established businesses, locally and nationwide.

Vance and his three-person staff meet with clients to discuss what image they want to portray and then determine the best way to truly represent this image. NVR Branding has a graphic designer on staff who creates effective and eye-catching branding materials of all types.
Vance, who studied business finance at Brigham Young University, has 10 years of experience in the industry. Over the years he’s observed a surge in social media marketing.

“Social media has really taken over,” he said. “That’s really where I see the growth.”

Online videos can be especially effective in reaching a target audience, and NVR Branding offers professional video production and editing services.
Whiteboard animation shows someone drawing on a whiteboard, and the images, voice over and background music help introduce and explain your message to your audience. Companies post these videos on their websites and share them on social media.

Their story-telling ability sets them apart from traditional marketing techniques.

“You can tell a story. It’s the old adage: Facts tell, stories sell,” Vance said. “When you have a story, people are going to follow along. You’re going to keep their attention. That’s why people really like these videos.”

Small businesses may think whiteboard videos are out of reach, but that isn’t the case. NVR Branding has streamlined the process, making whiteboard videos affordable. Introductory pricing for a 1 to 2 minute video starts at $349.
NRV Branding is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. To learn more about branding options for your company or to schedule an appointment, call (888) 488-9557.

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