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Getting old is not easy — taking care of aging parents is not easy either. After years of seeing seniors and their families struggle through the healthcare system and senior living world, Stacie Hackl decided all seniors deserve to have “a nurse on their side” — someone dedicated to ensure their voice is heard, their wishes are followed, and they maintain as much independence as possible. That is why Nurse Advocate for Seniors was born.

As a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years with experience in home care, senior living, hospital acute care, and skilled nursing, Stacie provides a level of care, concern and view of senior care that few can match. She provides services to Seniors in their homes, senior living communities, and nursing homes. She’s seen the struggle they experience to get the right care, understand their options and be heard — especially when they don’t feel good.

Stacie can help you understand your options, save you time and energy, and support you through your journey, especially when loved ones live far away or have work and family demands that make it difficult for them to be as involved as they wish. Services might include finding senior living options, accompany to medical appointments, medication reviews, education, review of diagnosis, exploration of options and ensuring seniors are receiving the care they deserve.

Nurse Advocacy is a new concept in the healthcare field, bringing a voice and a choice to the population they serve. Stacie Hackl – Nurse Advocate for Seniors is excited to focus solely on seniors and their individual needs — making a difference in the lives of our greatest generation.

Stacie Hackl is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She holds credentials as a Board Certified Patient Advocate and a Certified Director of Assisted Living. She has been a member of the Howard-Suamico community since 1991. Learn more about her services at

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