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Three students of Kim’s Tae Kwon Do at the Howard Village Hall location on Thursday nights have been recently promoted to Black Belt. Students start by learning punches and kicks, as a white belt, for the primary purpose of self-defense.

As they progress, they learn advanced techniques, to show respect, to be honest, that hard work moves you forward, with mental focus and self-control. The three students have been attending class since the summer of 2016 and participated in eight promotions tests on their journey to achieving Black Belt. Achieving Black Belt is a huge goal and achievement, but the Journey continues in personal growth, advanced training and refining techniques to be able to teach other students.

The Thursday night sessions at the Howard Village Hall are taught by Master Instructor Brian Verheyden. For more information, visit

Three students from Kim’s Tae Kwon Do recently have been promoted to Black Belt. Pictured above from left to right are Master Instructor Brian K. Verheyden, Morgan VandenBranden, Violet Moreaux and Alex Moreaux.

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