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UScellular has announced its official partnership with Screen Sanity, an international nonprofit dedicated to helping parents and children navigate the digital landscape. Together, UScellular and Screen Sanity are committed to bringing healthier digital habits to all in a smart, thoughtful way.

As a wireless company, UScellular’s mission is to connect people to what matters most. But the company also knows that sometimes there are unintended consequences when relationships with technology get out of place. UScellular has been working to help people of all ages reset and redefine healthy digital connection through its Phones Down for 5 Challenge and US Mode experience, aimed at inspiring people to develop healthier relationships with their technology.

To build on these efforts and take action ahead of back-to-school season, UScellular and Screen Sanity have introduced the Smarter Start initiative, with the shared goal of helping families build healthy digital habits together. As part of this initiative, UScellular and Screen Sanity have released the Smarter Start Toolkit – a free, downloadable kit for families looking for guidance on building better digital habits.
“We know navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming, and parents may not know where to start when looking to help their children establish healthy boundaries with technology,” said Laurent Therivel, CEO of UScellular. “Screen Sanity has been encouraging this needed conversation since 2018, and we’re working together to provide families with resources that can help them have engaging discussions about how everyone in the family uses their technology.”

The Smarter Start Toolkit includes educational and actionable tools and technology tips for both parents and kids, so everyone can use phones and in a thoughtful way. From discussion guides for parents introducing a first phone, to a customizable phone plan and pledge between parent and child, the toolkit helps families tackle what can often be a complicated and challenging conversation, especially heading into back-to-school season.

“We’re the first generation of parents raising digital natives — kids who’d rather text than talk —and knowing how to mentor them in the digital world can feel daunting,” said Tracy Foster, Co-founder and Executive Director of Screen Sanity. “One tip is to have a plan for how devices will be used. And to create that plan with your child. We’re excited to partner with UScellular to launch the Smarter Start Toolkit which can help parents start conversations and set intentions around device use — to maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing unintended side effects.”

For a smarter start to the school year, UScellular is also offering a free basic phone when a new eligible line is added to a family plan*, providing an alternative to a smartphone for children and to help them establish good habits. To learn more about UScellular’s partnership with Screen Sanity, visit

*New line, eligible basic phone purchase via 24-month installment contract, eligible postpaid service plan, credit approval, and paperless billing required. Paid via 24 monthly bill credits. Taxes, fees and add. terms apply.

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